The Electrical Trades Union Victorian Branch represents members working in the electrical and communications contracting industry, power, manufacturing, education, hospitality, aerospace, food and other industries.

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Domestic, commercial and industrial installations, major construction projects and service work.

Power Workers

Power generation and distribution sector workers

General Trades

Manufacturing, vehicles and maintenance and service electricians in lift, rail, tram and other industries


Apprentices are the newest members of our trade and the future of our union.

Current campaigns:

There are currently no campaigns.

News Desk

20 June, 2016
Installing solar helps Victorians cut their power bills. The Abbott/Turnbull Governments have made it much harder for families to cut their power bills, attacking solar and renewable energy.
02 June, 2016
2016 is seeing the branch continue to go from strength to strength.


22 July, 2016

The CUB55 and hundreds of supporters protested outside the Carlton & United Brewery in Abbotsford today. The C.U.B.

"Over 20 years, I have seen this Union go from strength to strength, and am proud to say I've played a part in making the Victorian Branch of the ETU one of Australia's best unions."
Troy Gray
State Secretary