Join the ETU Victoria

Joining your union is the best thing you can do to secure a better life for you and your family. By joining your union you’ll gain protection at work and the opportunity for better pay and conditions. 

The ETU is the union for all electricians, electrical maintenance workers and linespeople. You’ll be joining a strong, industrial union with almost 20,000 other members.

You’ll also get access to great member benefits that actually make your union membership save you money!

How to join

Please contacting our office on 1800 134 835 to discuss your membership options.

How much does it cost? Fees below until June 2020. 


Rate inc Gst
 Tradesman  $     725.00
 Trades Assistant $     654.00
 Process Worker $     514.00
 1st Year Apprentice $       83.00
 2nd Year Apprentice $     320.00
 3rd Year Apprentice $     320.00
 4th Year Apprentice $     320.00
 Adult Apprentice $     385.00
 Non Industrial $     725.00


Note: There will be an one-off $10 joining fee for Tradesman and a $2 joining fee for apprentices. 


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