Our holidays for the chop under Libs

Matthew Guy hasn't only gained notoriety this year by the company he keeps - but for the companies he hopes to help. His Liberal Party are clinging on to their plans to abolish Grand Final Friday and Easter Sunday as public holidays, at the behest of big business lobbyists.

Guy, who has not had a real job for 11 years and only has to show up an average of 55 days a year to parliament, believes that Victoria's millions of workers should head to work on the Friday before the AFL Grand Final. (Any bets on whether he'll ditch his paperwork for the parade?).

As for the other holiday in Guy's sights, most workers already have Easter Sunday off. However, if the state government doesn't classify it as a public holiday the workers who do have to show up won't be paid their penalty rates or any loadings by their employers. That might not matter to Matthew Guy, but it means a lot to low-paid workers.

These public holidays don't cost the state budget anything - and research actually indicates the Grand Final parade and the associated long weekend is a boon for Victorian tourism as families spend time together.

However, Matthew Guy isn't worried about whether the holidays cost anything to taxpayers. He's more concerned with the wage bill of his big business backers, who are squealing for the Liberal leader to can our holidays.

There's only one way to stop this Mobster Lobster Dinner Lover from pinching our holidays - put him and the Liberals last when the time comes.

To get involved in the campaign to save our holidays, sign up to take action at: www.weareunion.org.au/when