Lineworker Licensing

The ETU has been working tirelessly to back up our industrial wins with much-needed updates to the way our trades are regulated.

Over 20 years of campaigning has finally resulted in the most significant regulatory reform for the power industry since privatisation. 

From 1st of January 2021, all qualified lineworkers including Distribution, Transmission & Traction lineworkers, along with cable jointers will be licensed under a single licence with individual classes.
Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is currently writing the exact text of the regulation, and the ETU is working hard to drive the best reform for our industries.

Your first licence will be free, but to achieve this you will need to be registered before the 4th of December 2020.

This is YOUR licence, and you should register HERE!  

ESV has put together a document to help guide you through registering – you can view it here.

This registration ensures ESV has up-to-date records of who is working in the industry and the correct contact details to process your licence. Regardless of when you last updated your details with ESV or your employer, please make sure you register to ensure your current details are on the system. 

We know that there will be many questions and we will make sure you get the information you need. Below we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions which we will regularly update.

Q. What trades need to register for a licence?
A. The following qualified trades will be licensed as separate classes on the one licence:

  • Distribution & Transmission Lineworkers
  • Traction Lineworkers
  • Cable Jointers 

An additional licence (Traction Restricted) will be issued to those traction workers who are currently authorised by a traction network operator to work supervised by a tradesperson.  

Q. What if I have dual trade qualifications? 
A. Both classes will be listed on the licence, and when you renew, you will only be required to renew once (at no additional cost).

Q. How long will the licence last?
A. 5 years. When your licence expires you can renew for a new 5-year licence. (to avoid all workers renewing on the same day in 5 years’ time, there may be a staggered renewal we will have more details when this is finalised) 

Q. Why do I have to register? 
A. It's your licence, that is why we are asking members to register themselves. We know employers are looking at ways to bulk-register their workforces’ information to maintain a licenced workforce, but you will still need to confirm the registration yourself.

Q. What qualification or certificates will I need to produce?  
A. We have taken great care to make sure no active lineworker is disadvantaged. If you don’t have or can’t find TAFE or SECC paperwork, the ETU has ensured that ESV will accept other documentation, including from current or past employers. If you are unsure of how to prove your qualification, contact your Organiser.  

Q. I can't get the online registration to work? 
A. Contact your Organiser, and we can help get you registered with ESV.

Q. I am an apprentice – do I need to register? 
A. Apprentices do not need to register until they finish their apprenticeship. 

Q. I work in the power industry in a different trade – will I be licenced? 
A. At the moment, we have secured licensing for Traction, Distribution and Transmission Lineworkers, and Cable jointers. While this process is being undertaken, your ETU team is already working towards the next package of regulatory reform.

Q. Will this impact the training or professional development I currently do? 
A. No. The ETU will be working with industry on the potential for additional professional development and training associated with the licence, but this will develop over the next few years.