COVID-19 - Contacting Your Organiser

We are experiencing a high volume of phone calls to the ETU Head Office at the moment and you may have trouble getting through to us.

If you need to speak to the union, please consider contacting your Organiser directly.

You can also get in touch with us via email at: If you need to speak to us you can let us know via email and we will give you a call.

We will also assist you via our Facebook page wherever possible. Send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Contracting Industry

Contracting industry sites in Melbourne's North-East         Reno Lia          Phone: 0409 188 809.   
Email Reno: 

Contracting industry in Melbourne’s Inner South-East      Wayne Nicolaci         Phone: 0416 144 911.   

Contracting industry in the CBD and Docklands     Chris Patterson         Phone: 0458 001 029

Contracting industry in Melbourne’s West         Nathan Stott.        Phone: 0419 500 465.   

Power Industry

Power industry         Justin Sordello         Phone: 0409 200 893.    
Power industry - Jemena, Zinfra, ZNX and contractors         Matt Boyd         Phone: 0405 124 953.   


Manufacturing, Rail, Lift and Other Industries

Rail, petrochemical and manufacturing in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.         Aaron Douglass         Phone: 0427 288 290.   
Manufacturing in Melbourne’s South-East.    

   Danny Timmers         Phone: 0419 378 404.    

Lift industry - manufacturing and service companies.         Steve Diston         Phone: 0400 938 980.   
Apprentices Co-ordinator for group training companies.    
Manufacturing, industrial maintenance and labour hire in Melbourne’s West.    
    Nathan Jenkins         Phone: 0420 504 407.   



Geelong and the Western District and the renewables industry         Troy Knight         Phone: 0400 982 292.    
Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley         Peter Mooney         Phone: 0418 338 725.   

Maintenance and manufacturing in Central and Northern Victoria         Damian King         Phone: 0407 925 696.   


Members in regional areas can contact our regional offices in Geelong and Morwell:

Geelong: 03 5229 3344
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8 -12.30 / 1.30 - 4.00pm
Morwell: 03 5134 3847