Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, all ETU Victoria offices are temporarily closed.

If you need to speak to the union, please contact your Organiser directly - you can find their details below.

You can also get in touch with us via email at: etu@etuvic.com.au. If you need to speak to us, let us know via email and we will give you a call back.

We will also assist you via our Facebook page wherever possible. Send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Contracting Industry

Contracting industry sites in Melbourne's North-East         Reno Lia          Phone: 0409 188 809.   
Email Reno: Reno.Lia@etuvic.com.au 

    Email: Reno.Lia@etuvic.com.au       
Contracting industry in Melbourne’s Inner South-East      Wayne Nicolaci         Phone: 0416 144 911.   
    Email: Wayne.Nicolaci@etuvic.com.au    

Contracting industry in the CBD and Docklands     Chris Patterson         Phone: 0458 001 029
    Email: Chris.Patterson@etuvic.com.au     

Contracting industry in Melbourne’s West         Nathan Stott.        Phone: 0419 500 465.   
    Email: Nathan.Stott@etuvic.com.au    

Power Industry

Power industry         Justin Sordello         Phone: 0409 200 893.   
Power industry - Jemena, Zinfra, ZNX and contractors         Matt Boyd         Phone: 0405 124 953.   
    Email: Matthew.Boyd@etuvic.com.au    


Manufacturing, Rail, Lift and Other Industries

Rail, petrochemical and manufacturing in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.         Aaron Douglass         Phone: 0427 288 290.   
    Email: Aaron.Douglass@etuvic.com.au    
Rail, petrochemical and manufacturing in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.      John Islip     Phone: 0428 345 844.   
    Email: John.Islip@etuvic.com.au    
Manufacturing in Melbourne’s South-East.    

   Danny Timmers         Phone: 0419 378 404.    
    Email: Danny.Timmers@etuvic.com.au     

Apprentices Co-ordinator for group training companies.    
Manufacturing, industrial maintenance and labour hire in Melbourne’s West.    
    Nathan Jenkins         Phone: 0420 504 407.   
    Email: Nathan.Jenkins@etuvic.com.au    

Lifts and manufacturing industries.         Gaby Brinduse         Phone: 0428 143 796.   
    Email: Gaby.Brinduse@etuvic.com.au    


Geelong and the Western District and the renewables industry         Troy Knight         Phone: 0400 982 292.    
    Email: Troy.Knight@etuvic.com.au    
Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley         Peter Mooney         Phone: 0418 338 725.   
    Email: Peter.Mooney@etuvic.com.au    

Maintenance and manufacturing in Central and Northern Victoria         Damian King         Phone: 0407 925 696.   
    Email: Damian.King@etuvic.com.au    


Members in regional areas can contact our regional offices in Geelong and Morwell:

Geelong: 0400 982 292

Morwell: 03 5134 3847