Boycott Bud, join team Teamsters

When our union was in the thick of the Battle of the Brewery, there was so much support internationally but one union that stood out for its support and solidarity for the CUB55: the US Teamsters.

The union, led by the late great Jimmy Hoffa and now his son, James P Hoffa, represents brewery workers employed by Anheuser-Busch, a big brewer determined to cut pay, just like CUB tried to do to ETU members at the Abbotsford brewery in Melbourne last year.

It is because our American comrades were so willing to help our members over here – with connections, important meetings, solidarity and taking the boycott international; that we are proud to return the solidarity in the struggle of Teamsters Local 812 against Budweiser’s distribution contractors on Long Island, New York.

Over 100 workers who deliver, sell, and merchandise Budweiser, Heineken, and other beer products in Nassau and Suffolk counties are on strike because their distribution company employer, Clare Rose, is trying to cut their wages by 30% and end drivers’ pensions.

Our organisers have been hitting the sites to tell the Clare Rose story and encourage all who we meet to boycott Budweiser and Bud Light. As we know, consumer boycotts can have a big impact. The brands responsible for driving down wages and conditions have to be held to account.

Members’ reaction to the dispute has been one of instant support. They know that workers’ wages should go forwards, not backwards. No company, however big or small, should be able to get away with cutting our pay and conditions.

Members of Teamsters Local 812 are fighting back for almost eight weeks now. And they have our 20,000-strong ETU membership here in Victoria backing them up.

We might be 16,000 kilometres apart – but together workers of the world can win.

Workers united will never be defeated.