Ambulance Cover for Singles and Families

As a member of the ETU, you (and your family!) are already covered for free emergency transport throughout Australia - anywhere, anytime.

With over 800,000 calls responded to each year in Victoria alone, working people are protecting themselves with ambulance cover. We understand the importance of family and their health to members – that’s why we’ve ensured our ambulance covers looks after your loved ones as well!

This coverage can be used with a wide range of authorised emergency transport from a variety of providers for you, your spouse/partner and children.

Coverage is equivalent to an annual subscription from Ambulance Victoria, which can save members $550 - $11,000.

What you're covered for

The ETU Ambulance Benefit covers a wide range of authorised ambulance transport from a variety of providers for you, your spouse/partner and children. Including:

• Emergency ambulance transport throughout Australia, including by air
• MICA (Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance) attendance and/ or treatment
• Newborn Emergency Transport Services (NETS)
• Medically authorised non- emergency patient transport

Make a claim

This benefit is provided to ETU members and their families via the Centre for U.

For further information or to make a claim, visit the Centre for U web site.


Terms and Conditions:
1. You must be a financial member and who has also been a financial member for at least the preceding six months of the union at the time of claim. Interstate members must join the Victorian Branch in order to access the scheme.
2. Spouse/partner is defined under legislation. 
3. The scheme covers member's children (under the age of 17 years), and/or the children of their partner, including adopted or foster children, or a child where the member or their partner is responsible.
4. The scheme covers member's children who are full time students up until the age of 25. Members need to provide evidence of the students' study status (such as a student ID card issued annually by the educational institution the child attends). Where a student is awaiting placement at an educational institution, coverage will continue up until 31 March of the year for which they applied for the placement.
5. The scheme does not include the parents of adult members or any other family member not defined as 'Immediate Family Member' under the Rules.