Severance and Income Protection

Over 20 years ago, the Electrical Trades Union Victorian Branch established Protect to deliver workers Australia’s leading industry severance scheme and superior injury and illness insurance cover.

Today, they’re backed by the group purchasing power of over 40,000 members and 1,200 employers across the Australian trades sector. Protect members hail from diverse industries including electrical, construction, service maintenance, manufacturing, rail, power, supply and distribution, oil and petrochemical, maritime and fire rescue.


Each week, participating employers secure severance benefits with Protect on behalf of their employees. The amount each employer is required to contribute is determined by an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA).

Protect is the continued industry severance leader, offering access to tax-free claims in the event of a genuine redundancy from a single account type with the added benefit of being able to claim in the event of resignation or casual employment.

Income Protection

Protect Injury and Illness Insurance cover is paid for by employer contributions and provides global income protection for workers, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The cover is an important financial safety net for workers and their families facing the difficulties of non-work-related injury and illness.

If you are a financial ETU member you may also be entitled to a range of additional insurance benefits negotiated by the ETU through Protect Extra Cover that include bigger lump sum payments, cover for a broader range of insurance events and exclusive benefits such as emergency home help, domestic duties assistance and transport assistance.

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The Protect App

To keep track of your Protect account, download the ‘Protect Services’ App from the App Store or Google Play.


If you have an enquiry about your severance account, income protection insurance, membership of the scheme or you wish to become a participating employer contact Protect:


Level 7, 380 Docklands Drive
Docklands VIC 3008
Phone: 1300 344 249