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Rostered Days Off are one of the most important and hard-won conditions of employment in the electrical contracting industry.

Workers in the electrical contracting industry are some of the hardest working in Australia, which is why our RDO's are so important. It's a great opportunity to take a much needed break and maintain a work-life balance.

The 2018 RDO Calendar details your RDOs, public holidays, lockdown weekends and school holiday dates to help you plan time with your family, holidays and leisure pursuits.

Download the ETU Phone App (2018 RDO Calendar update coming soon)


2017 RDO iCalendar (ICS format - 2018 update coming soon)

All the dates of Rostered Days Off, Public Holidays, Lockdown Weekends and more for members in the electrical contracting industry, in a format you can easily import into the calendar on your computer or smartphone.

CLICK HERE to download the 2017 RDO calendar in ICS format


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