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In Victoria, workers are protected by their union and also the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Together they form an effective means of support for ETU members when dealing with health and safety matters. The ETU, in conjunction with the Victorian Trades Hall and the ACTU, has access to current information on every health and safety matter.

By contacting the ETU, we can provide members with up-to-date accurate material that will assist you in dealing with issues at your workplace.

The ETU provides advice on current procedures to follow when dealing with OHS matters, however, the most important thing to remember is that – IF IT IS UNSAFE, DON’T DO IT.

All the words in the world cannot replace these when considering your safety. No one can force any worker to work in an unsafe manner.

OH&S Officers

If you need advice or assistance on an occupational health and safety issue at your workplace please contact the ETU's OH&S Officers David Tuddenham or Kris Gretgrix.



ETU Occupational Health safety and Environment Manual

The Victorian Branch of the Electrical Trades Union is proud to provide the Occupational Health Safety & Environment Manual 2009 edition.

The Manual has been produced with the support of many employers and those associated in the electrical, electronic and communications industries to help make our workplaces safer.

The OHS & Environment Manual is not a comprehensive guide to every issue you will encounter, but it provides sound information on many issues that may threaten the well-being of you and your workmates. This Manual now includes issues concerning the environment, the impact that we have in the workplace and changes we can make to support our environment.

Download the ETU Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Manual


OHS Safety Alerts

Safety is our number one issue, and should be yours too. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of any Safety Alerts which relate to your industry or the way you do your job.

Click here for the latest ETU Safety Alerts