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Member Benefits

Your ETU membership entitles you to a host of benefits – at work, and at play. We bring you the best wages and conditions in Australia, and a wide range of member benefits for your family.

At work you benefit from an independent, stong and united Union that delivers:

  • Representation and advice on all workplace issues
  • Representation if you’re faced with individual contracts
  • Advice on work entitlements and industrial laws
  • Assistance with redundancies and unfair dismissals
  • Safer workplaces
  • Training in occupational health and safety
  • Expert advice on superannuation and workers’ compensation
  • Free legal advice from our in-house lawyers.

Find out more about the industrial benefits of membership.

At play, ETU Member Benefits will save you money on entertainment, movies, travel, shopping, eating and more. If you need to buy electrical goods, white goods or cars, try Union Shopper and save even more.

Find out more about benefits of membership that can save you money.

Stay financial to access ETU Member Benefits, and use your ETU card to save.