With the introduction of the new clause in your ETU EBA, you are now entitled to an Adverse Weather allowance.

This allowance has been introduced to recognise employees’ eœfforts and discomfort in responding and restoring emergency situations when adverse conditions apply, such as heat above 36 degrees or rain whereby you get wet through your clothing.

The new entitlement is intended to allow work to continue when an emergency situation arises, such as a loss of supply or a risk to public health and safety, and returning the network to system normal.

* $225 when you work more than 8 hours.


How does this clause work in conjunction with the ‘Inclement Weather’ provision of the agreement?

The Adverse Weather clause does not replace the ‘Inclement Weather’ provisions within the agreement. Instead it, complements the ‘Inclement Weather’ provisions and recognises that in certain emergency situations you have worked even though inclement weather prevails.

When will the Adverse Weather allowance be paid?

The Adverse Weather allowance will apply in recognition of the requirement to restore supply in the above-mentioned situations after the 1-hour qualifying period and where adverse weather conditions impact the work to be undertaken.

How will the adverse conditions be verified?

The prevailing weather conditions will be verified using observations by your respective Site/Team Manager and supplemented by external verifications such as local Bureau of Meteorology reports.

What if there is no Bureau of Meteorology monitoring site near our work site?

The prevailing weather conditions will be verified using observations from the nearest Bureau of Meteorology weather monitoring station, combined with observations from your respective Site/Team Manager.

Is the allowance payable if I’m driving in my air-conditioned truck (e.g. patrolling lines or to and from work sites) and have not completed a full 1 hour’s work outside?

No, the allowance would not be applicable.

Is the allowance payable if I’m working in a switch room and it’s greater than 36 degrees?

Yes, the allowance would be applicable subject to certain qualifying conditions, for example, having access to areas that provide respite such as air-conditioned control room buildings when the outside temperature is greater than 36 degrees.

Does emergency work cover routine maintenance activities?

Yes, as long as the associated work entails restoring the system to network normal. The allowance would be applicable in situations whereby work has already started and adverse weather conditions have subsequently developed, but it is necessary to continue the work (and all qualifying conditions are met).

Download a Claim Form to assist you with recording the date and time of each instance of working in adverse weather during a shift.