We're leading the way

In this issue of the ETU members' magazine, members will see how our union is leading the way more than ever before.

As seasons change, we work hard to bring you the campaigns that will preserve our living standards and rights at work, industrial agreements you can rely on, and over a dozen new member benefits to save you and your family even more.

Abolish the ABCC, then abolish Turnbull

It might be winter, but the union’s campaign to abolish Malcolm Turnbull’s ABCC and the Government responsible for it is just warming up.

The Australian Building and Construction Commission is an absolute disgrace. No other workforce in Australia has their human rights to freedom of association, freedom of speech and the right to silence trampled on like that inflicted by Turnbull’s ABCC.

But it’s not just the ABCC that needs to go. It’s the broken work laws that allow companies to threaten terminating our EBAs – and getting away with doing it. Whether it’s CUB, Parmalat or UGL – using legal tricks to tear up our wages and conditions must be outlawed.


In the last decade, the union has won annual pay rises and impressive conditions in the contracting industry through your continued solidarity and the union’s strong leadership.

The ABCC and the accompanying code leave the union with big choices about how to maintain those wage rises and conditions. We will not take one step back.

We must also focus on keeping members together. We cannot let Nigel Hadgkiss, the ABCC or Malcolm Turnbull divide us. We must prevent them from putting us onto separate contracts that force the union to bargain 365 days per year. We must stand, and bargain, together.

The union is in discussions with employer body, NECA, about what a new agreement might look like. I want to assure members that their living standards are safe in the hands of the union. No code or government can push our members’ backwards.

Not one step.

Our strength in contracting comes in-part from the Daniel Andrews’ state government’s transport construction programme. Metro rail, regional rail and the level crossing removal works provide much-needed jobs for electrical workers in Victoria. It’s because of work like this that I rate Daniel Andrews as the best Premier our state has ever had. The union will fight to keep this work coming.

Looking after you

In this issue, you’ll also see the union has secured many new member benefits exclusively for ETU members and our families.

I want to draw your attention in particular to our stand-out new partnership with the workers’ bank - Unity . Unity brings you an exceptional package of banking services. Members have told me they’ve had a gutful of the big banks fleecing them and treating customers terribly. We searched for a bank that could put members first – and we found just the one. (And not one dollar goes to the union from this partnership). I encourage you to head to our Member Benefits website to learn more about what Unity Bank is offering and why members are making the switch.

We also welcome Danny Filazzola as our new Branch President and Aaron Douglass as a permanent Organiser. It is my belief that the union now has the strongest leadership team we’ve ever had.

Our union has been leading the way for 115 years. In 2017, we build on our proud history with strong leadership, strategic thinking and the passion to defend the line. 

Touch one – touch all!