Vale Simon Millar

A true example of all good things ETU

Simon Millar died unexpectedly in late January 2018 at the young age of 51. He was a paid up and proud member of the ETU and was active in the Trade Union and Socialist movements for 35 years.

His death was a huge blow to everyone connected with him, to the ETU, and to the wider progressive cause.

Simon was a good comrade and friend to so many. His life was testament on how to “walk the walk” and not just pay lip service to helping others and standing up when it counts. Scott Riches, ex ETU organiser and current In-house ETU Lawyer shares some thoughts about Simon;

“I met Simon while working on the Desal in 2010.”

“From the moment I met Simon it was apparent to me that he was deeply committed to the socialist cause and making a positive contribution to improve the circumstances of working people. Simon was without doubt one of the most decent, genuine and humble people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and his personal integrity was evident in everything that he did. Simon’s passing, in my view, was not only a loss for his family and friends, but also the community at large because of his commitment to the greater good which he pursued with a rare and unwavering honesty.”

Simon had a long history of activism and union membership before joining the ETU in 2004 after obtaining an adult apprenticeship. He took an active interest in helping his comrades, both on and off the job, attending and assisting at disputes, rallies and picket lines. Simon was always someone to be relied upon to be there when the chips are down.

Simon leaves a great human legacy in his friendships with so many, and especially in his former partner, Lucy and his daughter, Alice. 

Recently, the ETU was happy to assist the family by paying the ETU Funeral Benefit of $7000 to assist in paying the bulk of the cost of Simon’s funeral. This meant that the significant sum raised by Simon’s workmates and ETU brothers and sisters, particularly by his Union colleagues on the Metro Trains job that he was working on, and the further money collected at a memorial tribute night for Simon by his socialist activist comrades led by Anthony Main, could all be donated towards Alice’s education rather than being used to pay for Simon’s funeral.

Vale Simon Millar, a loyal and staunch ETU Member and a fine human being.

This is a typical story of how the ETU Funeral Benefit helps ETU Members, their partners and families in their time of need. Click here for more information about the Benefit.