Our kids cheap labour for corporates

Subway Australia has been caught advertising for a PaTH (Prepare Trial Hire) intern to work as a 'sandwich artist'.


The ACTU has previously described PaTH as a “poorly considered and ineffective response to the significant issue of youth unemployment in Australia.”

Unions have been concerned that the scheme may encourage employers to replace existing minimum wage workforces with government sponsored interns. This is exactly what Subway appear to be doing.

The Liberals don't have a jobs plan for our kids. Instead they want young people to work for less than the minimum wage. This government doesn't have a plan for youth unemployment and our kids are paying the price.

PaTH is stealing jobs from our kids and Australians have had enough!


“$28 for a day’s exploitation. This helps unemployed people how? Better not let them near ovens or sharp knives. No work safety cover for the new Liberal Slave Labourer Scheme.” Roger

“And Scott Morrison still has not worked out that the workers keep the economy going. Low wages, bad economy.... you don't need a uni degree to work out that low wages slow the economy.” Maree

“Blatant abuse and slave labour. Disgusting by those that make the law and by those companies that use this law.” Vicki

“The LNP is stealing an entire generation's future. Remembering how fortunate Australia was when I arrived here, at the same time as boat people from Vietnam and refugees from Pinochet's Chile, I cannot believe how mean this country has become under the stewardship of the LNP.” Lothar

"Another major Corporate into stealing off the every-day hardworking Australian worker with the Liberal Governments support!” Murray

“What a travesty. Thank goodness we have unions.” Barbara