Making an impact at Futuretech

Impact Apprentices have been recognised by Holmesglen Institute with an Employer Appreciation Award. The award acknowledges Impact’s long standing commitment to electrical apprentice training at Futuretech and Holmesglen’s Moorabbin campus. 

Impact Apprentices are a group training company who have supported Holmesglen through the provision of electrical apprentice training since their inception. Impact was already sending apprentices to the Moorabbin campus and, upon hearing of the opening of Futuretech, were the initial employer to flag their support for the venture.

Impact has recently committed to employing graduates from the Futuretech pre-apprentice program.

Pictured at the award presentation from left to right are: Martin Moore (Futuretech), Rick Winkworth (Impact Apprentices), Andrew Christoforou (Impact Apprentices), Samantha Pledger (Futuretech), Alex Newman (Futuretech), Peter Allen (Impact Apprentices) and Mary Faraone (Holmesglen).

Commitment to diversity

Impact are committed to building a diverse workforce for the construction industry. They employ a higher than average percentage of women and mature aged apprentices. Impact’s view is that as long as the right person is employed as an apprentice, cost and gender should not be a factor. This diversity has been the key to building a positive learning culture at Futuretech.

Hands-on mentoring and feedback

Impact Apprentices staff meet regularly with Futuretech’s preapprentice program students, providing support, information about the electrical industry and insights into what employers are looking for in an apprentice.

They also played a key role in monitoring apprentice feedback about the new training centre and have worked closely with Futuretech to solve issues collaboratively.

Congratulations to Stephen McKay, Rick Winkworth, Peter Allen and the Impact Apprentices team on being recognised as a quality employer with a deep commitment to training the next generation of sparkies.