100 days on the grass at OI Glass

Victorian ETU and AMWU members have won a spectacular victory at OI glass after having been been locked in a dispute with the company for 7 
long months.  

Protected action over the EBA negotiations commenced on the 27th of March 2019. Members placed a ban on overtime and engaged in a series of one day on, one day off stoppages over the course of three months. In the final days of the dispute the members upped the ante to one hour on, one hour off.

Over the 7-month period of the dispute, all of this action accumulated to an approximate 100 days off in the fight for fair pay rises and job security. The members at the glass factory, located in Spotswood, were supported by the community through regular breakfast barbecues and rallies at the site on Friday mornings. Union members also took to the streets outside of OI’s local corporate headquarters in the CBD. As we rallied on the company’s doorstep, our members shed light on the lack of company tax paid by OI despite their massive turnover and market dominance, and the huge pay packet their CEO enjoyed.

OI is a global glass manufacturer with an overwhelming share of the Australian market. They put up a hard line at first and refused to move from their position. Good things come to those who fight for them though, as the agreement that at the time of writing was voted up in principle, delivered some fantastic outcomes for the workforce. 

The agreement ticks off three critical issues for the OI workforce: fair pay rises, delegates rights and job security. The workers will receive a $1400 sign on bonus and 12% in pay rises over the life of the agreement in the form of two 2% instalments a year for three years. Union delegates will be awarded 10 days paid delegates leave, and a number of clauses have been strengthened to protect long term job security of the workers.

“We also want to extend a massive thanks to everyone who supported the campaign,” said ETU Organiser, Steve Diston. 

“And a huge shout out to our amazing shop stewards. Whether you donated to the fighting fund, came along to a rally or just help us spread the word, we couldn’t have won this without you!”