Major Project Contractors

Metro Tunnel Contractors

Maxim       9490 9999
Nilsen   9450 1300
Stowe    9695 2333
Mega Electrical    07 3341 1665
M. Squared    1300 6778 2733 
Enermech    9387 1799 

Footscray Hospital Contractors

Appselec       9555 2711 

Lara Prison Contractors

Nilsen       9450 1300 

Work Union. Live Better.

We encourage all electrical workers to work for companies that recognise the ETU and subscribe to union rates and conditions for workers in the industry. The following is a snapshot of some of the companies in Victoria signed up to the ETU Contracting and Services EBA 2017-2021 and their contact details:

A.D.J. Contracting Pty. Ltd.
A.S.I. Electrics Pty. Ltd.
Acton Electrical Pty. Ltd.
Airport Data & Electrical Pty Ltd
Alarming Solutions
Alerton Contracting Pty Ltd
Alimak Hek Pty Ltd
Altaire Servicing Pty Limited
Anova Electrical Pty Ltd
Appselec Pty Ltd
ASGM Pty. Ltd. t/a Butler Electrical Victoria
Asset Electrical Services Pty Ltd
Australian Sound Service Pty. Ltd.
BMC HV Electrical & Instrumentation Pty Ltd
Brolec Proprietary Limited
Cliff Goulding & Associates Pty. Ltd. t/a AC Goulding
Control IT (Australia) Pty Ltd
Decon Industries Pty Ltd
Downer Edi Engineering Electrical Pty Ltd
E.P.M. & C. Pty. Ltd.
EASCOM Electrical Unit Trust as Trustee for Eascom Electrical Pty Ltd (ION)
Electel Pty. Ltd.
Expert Security & Communications Pty. Ltd.
Fire Detection Specialists Pty Ltd
Fredon (VIC) Electrical Pty Ltd
Fredon Security (VIC) Pty Limited
Fredon Technology (VIC) Pty Ltd
G.F.S. Fire and Electrical Services Pty Ltd
GH Fire Projects Pty. Ltd.
Gordon McKay Pty Ltd
Hi-Tech Electrical Services (Vic) Pty Ltd
IBS A.V. (Aust) Pty. Ltd. T/A ENGIE Services AV Technologies 
J.B. Hart Electrics Proprietary Limited
Jaycon Fire Protection Pty Ltd
Jewel Electrics Pty. Ltd.
L.A.N.E.C. Services Pty. Limited.
LendLease Services Pty Limited
Lightmoves Pty Ltd
M Squared Electrical Pty Ltd
Maxim Electrical Services Pty Ltd
Maximum Fire Detection Pty Ltd
McKechnie & Gillespie Pty Ltd
Menco Electrical Pty Ltd
Merchant Electric Pty Ltd
Midrim Electrics Pty. Ltd.
MSM Communications Pty Ltd T/A Newscom
MTL Electrical & Controls Pty Ltd
Myrtle Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A Epsilon Security (VIC)
N C Services Australia Pty. Ltd.
NG-Serv Pty Ltd T/A Nuvo Group (Australia)
Nilsen (Vic) Pty Ltd
P.M.T. Security Systems Pty. Ltd.
PLM Electrics Pty Ltd
Powerlight Proprietary Limited
Pridmore Electrics Pty. Ltd.
Prime Electrical & Data Services Pty. Ltd.
Programmed Electrical Technologies Ltd
Projex Electrical Controls Pty Ltd
RCR O'Donnell Griffin Pty Ltd
Rutledge Engineering (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.
S.J. Electric (Vic) Pty. Ltd.
Seek Fire Detection Pty Ltd
Selectemp Electrical Services Pty. Ltd.
Smoke Signals Fire Protection Pty Ltd
SP & JD Pty Ltd t/a C.C.E. Central Communications & Electrical Contractors
Stokes Technologies Construction Pty Ltd
Stowe Australia Pty Ltd
Systems Integration Australia Pty. Limited
The Trustee for MGA Electronic Security Unit Trust T/A MGA Electronic Security
Trivantage Pty Ltd
Tyco Projects (Australia) Pty Limited 
Vast Electrical Services Pty Ltd
Vecta Group Pty Ltd
Walker Fire Protection Pty Limited
Wood Group PSN Australia Pty Ltd
X Staff Electrical Contracting Pty Ltd

Note: the display of these companies and their contact details in no way implies ETU endorsement of any applicant for any role at the companies listed. All typical company recruitment procedures apply, and are a matter for the company and prospective employees. The listing of these companies does not imply any endorsement of those companies or their industrial or employment practices by the ETU. The union reserves the right to change and remove this list without notice at any time.