With over 19,000 members - roughly 1,900 of whom are apprentices - working across dozens of industries, the Victorian Branch of the ETU is one of the most dynamic and successful unions in the country. Whether it's in winning large pay rises, ensuring safe workplaces, or enhancing training and employment opportunities, we put our members first!

"The savings I get from showing my card means my membership basically pays for itself."


3rd Year Apprentice

Union Benefits

Being a member of the Union is a lot like having an insurance policy – you may not use the Union’s services every day, but when the time comes that you need some protection or advice, the ETU stands ready to assist you. 

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you: 

  • Assistance schemes for students and apprentices between jobs
  • Free advice 
  • Free representation in claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination or other unlawful action
  • Improved wages, working conditions and superannuation entitlements
  • Negotiating pace-setting enterprise agreements (EBAs)
  • Improved occupational health and safety
  • Cheaper mortgages and loans, and a member benefits program
  • Free emergency transport cover for you and your family
  • Discounted accommodation and entertainment, and unbeatable savings on a wide range of goods and services 

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"There are people who help apprentices within the Union. They want females in the industry, and being femaile and having the support of the Union has definitely made it easier."


1st Year Contracting Apprentice

Being an ETU member isn’t just good financial sense – it may prove to be the best decision of your career. Electrical apprentices are the future of the Electrical Industry and of the ETU, and we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your career and looking after your rights at work. 

Every day, ETU Organisers make regular workplace visits to resolve disputes, answer queries, offer advice, and check on health and safety. The Electrical Trades Union has been around for over 100 years, and today, 85 per cent of Electrical Industry workers are ETU members. We know that by working together, our industry and our Union stay independent, strong and united – and your future can be, too.

How much is it to join?

Joining the ETU is not expensive, and is totally tax-deductible. Membership fees for apprentices range from $21 per quarter for a First Year apprentice, to $67 per quarter for a Fourth Year apprentice. 

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Personal Issues

The ETU is not just about wages and conditions, but is also about your welfare. All of our ETU Organisers were once apprentices, and know the struggles that you can encounter throughout your career. 

We understand that when you start an apprenticeship, you’re not only beginning a career – it’s the start of a new life transition, and you may be confronted with both industrial and personal issues along your journey. Whether it’s a workplace conflict, family issues, drug and alcohol dependency, or your health and wellbeing, ETU Organisers are here to support you through it. 

ETU members also have access to Protect Counselling. It’s a free, confidential support program with independent, fully qualified professionals who can provide the additional support you may need, to live the life you want. 

"I've come across a couple of apprentices who've had a lot of trouble with money, especially in their first couple of years. And it's a metter of turning to avenues of support. You turn to the Union, you turn to Protect, and make sure you get the support available."


2nd Year Contracting Apprentice

Legal Issues

Most contractual issues can be resolved between an ETU Organiser and your employer. But if they can’t be, that’s when the ETU’s Legal team steps in. 

A legal letter on your behalf is usually enough to get most employers to decide that it’s cheaper to fix the problem than go to court, but some cases will proceed to the Federal Government’s Fair Work Commission. In some cases, the Fair Work Commission may not be able to deal with the dispute, and the issue will then go to court. 

ETU membership guarantees you the best legal advice with specialist knowledge of the industry. We provide free telephone advice and free legal consultations with our in-house lawyers. Contractual Issues, Workers’ Compensation Claims, and more, are all processed free of charge and are covered by your membership fees. What’s more, any wins that the ETU makes on your behalf, you get to keep. Nothing comes off the top, like it does with a law firm. 

"No matter what happens, you know you've always got the contacts you can call, and there's always sort of like a brotherhood you can always call... and there's always someone there to back you up and help you out. It makes you feel a lot safer and secure with your employment."


2nd Year Contracting Apprentice

Executive Team 

Troy Gray – State Secretary.

Troy is the State Secretary of the ETU Victoria Branch and a licensed A-Grade Electrician. As a proud ETU member for more than 20 years, he has represented members as a Shop Steward, State Councillor and National Councillor. For the last 11 years, he has been a full-time official of the Union. He has also been a Director of Co-Invest (Long Service Leave Scheme), Protect (Redundancy Scheme) and 370 Degrees Apprenticeship Group, and represents the ETU on the Building Industry Group of Unions. 

‘In my role as ETU Assistant Secretary, I was responsible for the Union’s Contracting division, which has the largest membership in the Victorian Branch. Over the past 18 months, I have been proud to negotiate and deliver the historic 2010-2014 EBA, which gives ETU Contracting members some of the highest living standards for electrical workers in Australia. This followed winning the unprecedented Desalination Agreement, which included a 4-day working week and allowed ETU members at the Wonthaggi project to enjoy some of the highest wages and conditions in their trade.’

Phone: 0418 323 552  

Email: troy@etu.asn.au

Wes Hayes – Assistant State Secretary.

Wes has been a Branch Organiser since 1997 and an Assistant Secretary since 2011. He started out as a linesman from the Transport Sector, completing his apprenticeship in 1991. Wes started with the ETU as an Organiser looking after power industry companies Jemena and SP Ausnet, Mt Buller Maintenance, Mt Beauty Hydro, ABB Switchboards and ETTA Training. He has been involved in the Union both as a Delegate and Organiser since 1991 and is a current State Councillor representing the power industry in addition to his duties as Branch Assistant Secretary.

‘Bosses will always try to find a way to challenge our hard-fought achievements. All of the EBA negotiations and rates of pay we have won over the years haven’t been by accident. The 36-hour week campaign in the power industry, the introduction of the Extreme Conditions payment, picket lines in manufacturing to support members’ job security, and higher rates of pay are issues we can all be proud of. We never rest on our past achievements, and always strive for better rates of pay and to help each other sort out issues.’

Phone: 0417 552 775  

Email: wes@etu.asn.au

ETU Organisers

Ivan Balta

Ivan organises the CBD and Docklands precincts in construction. In these areas, which have the highest concentration of large-scale developments in Victoria, Ivan looks after a wide range of issues, including ensuring proper conditions of employment and compliance with EBAs. Prior to taking over this area in January 2012, he looked after construction sites in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne as well as the Albury-Wodonga region. Ivan joined the ETU in 1985 as an apprentice electrical mechanic, and as part of the 1995 election Recharge team, has since seen the Union grow to its current position of strength. He has been an Organiser since 2006.

Phone: 0418 147 272  

Email: ivan@etu.asn.au

Gerry Glover

Gerry is in his eleventh year as an official of the ETU. He is currently responsible for country and metropolitan rail operations and infrastructure, including contracting, signals and overhead; manufacturing in Melbourne’s western suburbs and between Melbourne to Mildura (centred on Ballarat); the petro-chemicals industry in Altona; labour hire companies throughout the west of Melbourne; private and public hospitals; and the Victorian operations of Chubb Security, Diebold, UMS and ABB Port Melbourne. 

Phone: 0418 354 359  

Email: gerry@etu.asn.au

Arron Harris

Arron organises Melbourne’s western suburbs in construction, from North Melbourne to Tullamarine Airport and across to Werribee. Arron also has responsibility for Ballarat and onwards to Mildura, and looks after Chubb Fire. His main concerns are companies without EBAs, OH&S, and the day-to-day-issues that arise on construction sites. Arron did his apprenticeship as an electrician, and worked in the contracting industry in construction. He has been an Organiser since 2006, and enjoys the role of representing ETU members on the job.

Phone: 0418 376 161  

Email: arron@etu.asn.au

Damian King  

Damian is based in the ETU’s new Bendigo office. He organises the metals manufacturing industry outside Melbourne. Damian’s involvement with the union movement began in 1977 when, as a 17-year-old first-year boilermaker apprentice, he became a member of the AMWU.  He has more than 20 years of experience in organising workers in industries right across central and northern Victoria. 

Phone: 0407 925 696  

Email: damian@etu.asn.au

Troy Knight

Troy has been a long-term shop steward. He will now take up responsibility for organising the Western area, which stretches from Geelong to the South Australian border, and all the industries in it. His main areas of responsibility are construction sites and manufacturing workshops, including Shell, Alcoa and wind farms. Troy will also be looking after members’ interests in EBAs and OH&S. 

Phone: 0400 982 292  

Email: troy.knight@etu.asn.au

Reno Lia

Reno organises in construction in the northern and north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Reno’s large area includes inner suburbs such as Richmond and Carlton, and then stretches across to South Morang, back down to Healesville and across to Knox. He also organises in regional Victoria; his area starts at Cobram and includes Shepparton, Echuca and Bendigo. Reno’s patch covers a number of maintenance metals shops in the food and dairy industries, including SPC, Campbell’s, Bega, Tatura, Fonterra, Nestle and Murray Goulburn. He  also looks after Austin Hoist and Cranes, Redfern Flynn and Tyco Traffic Signals.

Phone: 0409 188 809  

Email: reno@etu.asn.au


Omar Merhi

Omar was a senior ETU shop steward for 10 years in the construction industry. Omar’s passion for proper representation of apprentices led him to conduct a voluntary three-month study and submit a report to the Union. When the ETU State Council created a position for a full-time Apprentices Officer, Omar was appointed in April 2008. Since then, he has transformed ETU apprentices into a strong force within the Victorian Branch. Apprentice numbers have significantly increased, and now officials from other unions and interstate are looking to replicate Omar’s initiative. His current Union role ensures that apprentices are represented in all aspects of the electrical trades, including schooling, safety and site issues.

Phone: 0418 513 127

Email: omar@etu.asn.au

Mick Montebello

Mick is responsible for construction in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne (from south of the Burwood Highway east of Kooyong Road, and south of North Road down as far as Portsea and then inland to Pakenham). He also organises the lift industry, Honeywell and Siemens. Mick’s responsibilities include maintaining EBAs, sorting out breaches of entitlements, ensuring employers’ compliance for industry funds such as Protect, and looking after members’ welfare and safety. 

Phone: 0418 323 559  

Email: mick@etu.asn.au

Peter Mooney

Peter is Organiser for Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley, based in the ETU’s Morwell office. His area covers all of Gippsland, from Pakenham to the NSW border. Peter covers all metals, manufacturing, contracting, power industry, and major construction projects in this area. He is also responsible for the renegotiation of EBAs at seven Murray Goulburn (dairy) sites.  Peter oversees all offshore work in Bass Strait (East & West), including construction projects, operations, maintenance and contractors. This includes all four Esso sites and their associated contractors. 

Phone: 0418 338 725

Email: peter@etu.asn.au


Nathan Stott

Nathan organises in the construction industry in the inner south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Though geographically small, this is an extremely busy area, with everything from small shop fit-outs, to 75-storey buildings and industrial work around Port Melbourne and Southbank. Nathan is also responsible for a country area, representing members in the Wangaratta, Wodonga and Alpine regions. He also organises Wormald, Wormald Fire. Alimak, High Tech Cranes and Northlec.

Phone: 0419 500 465

Email: nathan.stott@etu.asn.au

Danny Timmers

Danny has been with the Union since 2004, starting as a Safety Officer. In 2005, he became an Organiser, with responsibility for Geelong and the Western Districts, across to the South Australian border. Danny has now shifted to take responsibility for the power industry, specifically SP Ausnet, assisting with Jemena and looking after tree clearers. He also looks after Silcar Communications, and assists with labour hire.  Danny also represents members in EBAs, OH&S and other day-to-day issues. 

Phone: 0419 378 404  

Email: danny@etu.asn.au

Colin Williams

Colin is responsible for manufacturing in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, covering such plants as Moffat, General Mills and Goodman Fielder. He also organises Powercor, vehicle manufacturers Ford, Holden and Toyota, and Venture Industries. Colin’s day-to-day responsibilities include EBA negotiations, representing members in disciplinary actions, pay disputes, and other terms and conditions of EBAs. 

Phone: 0419 378 182

Email: colin@etu.asn.au

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