Finishing your apprenticeship and qualifying as an A-Class Electrician is just the start of your journey. Your next steps include finding work or undertaking further specialised training. This section runs through your options, and outlines what to expect. 

Finding Work

Unless the employer with whom you undertook your apprenticeship takes you on as a licensed A-Grade Electrician, you will need to make new career choices and look for a new employer. 

You want to find an employer who provides good wages and conditions – and the best indicator of a good employer is always whether they have a Union agreement (EBA). Ask your prospective employer if they have an EBA. If they do, they will be proud to tell you – and if they don’t, the chances are that you won’t want to work for them.

Keep up the skills

The Electrical Industry is a highly skilled industry, and throughout your career, you will be continually re-training, in order to move with the times and to learn safer and more efficient ways to work. So, wherever you go or whatever you do, don’t sell your skills short. You have worked hard to become an A-Grade Electrician, and you deserve the rewards and recognition that the ETU has fought for and won.

Further Training

The ETU is at the forefront of training, and plays a major role in setting the standards for the Electrical Industry. Training and recognition of your skills is essential to your career development, job satisfaction and ability to move jobs within your industry and across the country. 

We provide training courses for Shop Stewards and for Occupational Health and Safety Representatives to assist them in their roles. Accredited electrical skills-based training is developed and delivered by an ETU-associated organisation, futuretech

The ETU is active in representing apprentices and members’ interests on Industry Training Advisory Boards. ETU members also have access to a wide range of trade union training courses, to equip members with the skills and knowledge they need to protect and advance their interests. 

Knowledge is power in the Electrical Trades. ETU members know that by working together and sharing knowledge, we own our industry. 

"Knowledge is power, so the more knowledge you possess, the more employable you are, the more successful you are in life."


Qualified, Post Grad Study

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