Energy Savings with Powershop

ETU Members can access one of the best power deals in Victoria, plus you’ll receive $100 account credit when your switch to Powershop is complete.

What's on offer?

When an ETU Victoria member switches their electricity to Powershop, they’ll get access to:

  • A $100 account credit*; and
  • Up to 19.5% off Powershop's usage and supply charges available to purchase. You can buy packs to cover your past present or future usage. You just have to log in at least once a month and cover your usage for that billing period. 

Click here to switch to ETU Power and start saving. 

What if I have solar?

Powershop customers with solar get access to the same great rates and discounts as non-solar customers, with no hidden fees or surprises, plus great Feed-In Tariffs. We think you should be rewarded for helping the environment.

I'm in, how do I switch?

Switching to Powershop is easy. It takes around five minutes online, and Powershop take care of the entire process, they’ll even contact your old retailer. Click here to switch to ETU Power and start saving. 

P.S. Powershop does not lock customers into a contract or charge exit fees, however if your current provider does, Powershop will cover the cost of any exit fees (up to $75).

Will I save money?

Powershop first launched in Victoria because the local electricity market is the most ripped off in Australia. 

A 2017 report from the Essential Services Commission shows discounts are an unreliable indicator of price. The highest discounts offered by retailers do not necessarily mean lower bills. 

What if I have solar?

Powershop has a competitive solar offer for people with solar PV. Its feed in tariffs are some of the most competitive in the market. 

There are no restrictions for solar PV customers who want to make the switch to this offer. Check out Powershop's solar FIT rates here.

Who is Powershop?

Powershop is wholly owned by Meridian Energy, Australasia's largest 100% renewable energy generator. Meridian is 51% owned by the New Zealand government.

Powershop provides customers with competitive rates and top-notch customer service, plus an app and online usage tools to help customers better understand and manage their energy usage.

Powershop is the world's first online energy shop and is the first power company in Australian that shows you how much power you're using and what it costs before you're asked to pay for it. Powershop also allows you to pay for your power when and how you want to, using our smartphone app.