Esso’s UGLy Greed

Stopping 30% pay cuts and a gruelling anti-family roster

What is the campaign about?

One of the largest oil and gas giants in the world, Exxon Mobil/Esso is allowing its foreign-owned contractor UGL to cut Victorian workers’ wages and conditions by up to 30 percent and introduce harsh anti-family rosters.

UGL is using underhanded tactics and loopholes in our laws to do it – including trying to force the 200 workers onto an agreement approved by just a handful of unrelated workers in Western Australia.

These workers maintain and operate the onshore and offshore rigs that allow Esso to make millions off Australian gas. Despite their huge wealth and soaring profits, Esso paid zero tax on the $8.5 billion it made in Australia last year. Now they want to cut workers’ wages.

How are the companies doing it?

 The companies are using some of the same tactics used by other employers like CUB. UGL’s ugly plan is to cut workers’ wages and conditions by shifting workers onto a subsidiary company, MTCT.

This MTCT agreement, signed by just five workers years ago on the other side of the country, would see Victorian workers face: 
  • 30 percent pay cuts 
  • Allowances Reduced
  • Annual leave reduced 
  • Loadings significantly cut 
  • A harsh anti-family shift roster that could see workers move from one week on and one week off, to five weeks on and one week off.

What are the workers doing?

 The workers are refusing to accept 30 percent wage cuts and the anti-family roster. They are fighting for their jobs and the pay and conditions they won over generations. 
Workers are holding a community protest outside the Longford gas plant in southeastern Victoria 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. They are campaigning to get their jobs back on fair pay and fair conditions.

Why is this important?

Regional Victoria is already reeling from huge job losses. Cutting these workers’ wages will be devastating for the local economy.

Once again, multinational corporations are coming to Australia, exploiting our resources, not paying tax and slashing our wages.

Exxon Mobil and UGL are making a mockery of Australia’s Fair Work Act, evading their responsibilities to workers and the community. 

We can’t let multinationals get away with treating local workers like this. 
We have to teach them a lesson. Then we have to change the rules to stop this from happening.

What can you do to support?

We will win this campaign and teach the multinational a lesson when the company is forced to take back these workers on fair pay and fair conditions.

Here’s what you can do to help: 

1. Donate to support the workers community protest 
2. Sign and share the petition
3. Like and share from the workers’ Facebook page
4. Tweet about @exxonmobil’s #UGLyGreed
5. Visit the community protest in Longford, near Sale in Victoria

Read more about the campaign and why we're fighting here:
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