Why are we fighting against the IR Omnibus Bill?

The proposed laws by the Morrison Government will tip the balance in the favour of big business, and workers will be worse off as a result.

These proposed laws come at the worst possible time for Australian workers, with the COVID-19 pandemic already hurting many workers.

What in the Bill that would make ETU/CFMEU members and their families worse off?

Greenfields (new project sites):

We work in tough conditions doing dangerous work and the Coalition Government want the ability to enforce dodgy 8 year deals on some new projects.

  • Many FIFO and construction workers will have no right to negotiate a collective agreement for up to 8 years.
  • No big project last 8 years, it’s just a way of locking in rubbish conditions for longer than 4.
  • The legislation removes the rights of CFMEU and ETU members, including those FIFO construction workers, creating a class of workers with fewer rights than everyone else.
  • FIFO work is dangerous work and the government has refused to fix the problems. Instead, this law is exactly what the bosses and big mining corporations want (tragically a number of FIFO workers took their own lives on just one Greenfields project).


Casual Workers:

Casual workers have been hit hard during this pandemic, workers in hospitality, retail and higher education have gone months without work – and they are the first getting stiffed by this bill.

  • The proposed laws will remove workplace rights for many casuals.
  • Employers will be given more power to remove job security.
  • Despite what the libs are saying, the legislation does NOT mean an employer must offer a casual a permanent job.

Removal of the Better Off Overall Test (The BOOT):

Workers will be worse off, they are stopping better off overall test!

  • These laws would allow employers to create workplace agreements that cut your pay and conditions.
  • The protection that every worker will be better off than the legal industry minimums (Awards) will be TAKEN AWAY.
  • Once these below-safety net agreements are approved, they can remain in force (some WorkChoices agreements are still in force 11 years after WorkChoices was repealed).

Workers on Awards:

Awards haven’t kept up with cost of living, and now they are going to be worse

  • Minimum pay and conditions can be cut.
  • The minimum basic standards and workplace rights for your industry can be cut.
  • You will lose the right to have the independent umpire – the Fair Work Commission – decide your case.

Here’s what we need you to do:

  • Go to stopthebus.com.au and send a letter to the cross bench Senators asking them to vote against the Bill.
  • Share the ETU/CFMEU Campaign videos on Facebook with your friends.
  • Talk to your workmates and families about these changes, which will impact every Australian worker.

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