Otis Lifts

We need your help to create a voice for ETU and AMWU members who are in their seventh week out of work after being locked out by Otis management.

What is happening now

Members of the AMWU and ETU working for Otis Lifts commenced protected industrial action in support of a new workplace agreement several months ago. The workers were forced to take action to bring management to the table to negotiate employment standards in line with construction industry entitlements for skilled trades workers.

Otis responded by locked out all 150 employees in an effort to force workers to accept a non-union Agreement with conditions and entitlements inferior to construction industry standards. The company’s proposed Agreement was out to a vote of all employees and was soundly rejected by 90% of those who voted.

Otis is one of the global “big four” lift companies (along with Thyssen Krupp, Kone and Schindler) and made an annual profit of $5.7 billion from revenue of $62 billion - off the backs of 212,400 workers worldwide.  

What we are calling for

The Otis Lifts workers are demanding parity with construction industry pay and conditions – the same conditions received by those they work alongside every day. For too long they have been treated as second-class citizens on site. Otis’ actions in locking these workers out has led to a defiant and resilient workforce who are determined to be treated as the equals of other construction workers.

International Support

The Otis workers’ campaign has received the backing of many international unions and global union federations:

Support Otis workers

Union members at Otis Lifts are out of work while defending their rights. You can help the Otis workers to provide for their families in these difficult circumstances by donating to the Otis Workers’ Fighting Fund today. Generous donations to the Otis Workers Fighting Fund have been received from ETU Branches and individuals from around the country.

CBA Fighting Fund

BSB: 063-008

Account Number: 00090059

Take action

  • Email Otis Lifts today and demand they sign the fair work agreement and get our members back to work before Christmas! The more email we send the better the results will be for our members.
  • Help us spread the message about the campaign by talking to friends and workmates at your workplace or at community meetings, and share this page with your friends on Facebook.