CUB and Unions craft a better brew

ETU and AMWU announced today that they have reached agreement to immediately end the dispute with the maintenance workforce at the Abbotsford brewery in Melbourne, Victoria.
As part of the agreement, all picketing workers have been invited to return to work at their previous positions at the Abbotsford brewery on fair and decent union terms and conditions, which provide job security to the workers.  All parties agreed to productivity and efficiency improvements that will be implemented at the brewery. CUB and the Unions have mapped out a better approach based on mutual respect, productivity and a shared passion to make the best beers with the best skilled workers.
The ETU and AMWU have called for an immediate end of the ongoing boycott and are encouraging their supporters to return to drinking the full range of CUB beers and ciders.
All parties are pleased to resolve this dispute and to refocus their attention on working together to brew the best beers in Victoria.
For those supporters that have backed the CUB 55 for the last 6 months – the ETU will be putting on beers at our office from 12pm onwards today (7 December).

Thank you to all supporters who have contributed to this fantastic outcome

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Barnard Jeremy Eacher  Jeremy Miles Jeremy Oliver Jerry Brown Jesse Dixon Jesse Jai Jesse Leonard Jessica Munday Jessica Pace Jessie O'Neill Jillian Goodge JIM COOKSON Jim Donovan Jim Theodosiou Jim Welch Jimmy Wilson jo Myles Jo Sarkies Jocelyn Dunphy-Blomfield Jocelyn House Jocelyn Rentoul Joe Greco Joe Petrovic Joel Boyer  Joel Hume Joel Menich John Andrew Davidson John Andrews John Cameron John Cimera John Cohen John Crighton John Dobson John Fearn John Forbes  John Hobbs John Hocking JOHN HOUGHTON John Kelly John M Newton John Macinnes John Moore John Ooi John Pretty John Read John Robinson John Setka John Simpson John Smith John Sutton John Witte Johnathan Dowdy Jon Laird Jon Mcnichol Jon Mulcahy Jon Saw Jonathan Sherlock Jonathan Strauss Jonathon Dowdy Jonathan Parker Jonathon Williamson Jordan Mead  Jordan SANGER Joseph Domeracki Joseph Mulqueene Josephine Lawson Josh Carroll Josh Chandley Josh Conliffe Josh Mcdonald Joshua Bristow Joshua Govan Joshua Lloyd Joshua Neil W Joshua Owen Joshua Pahlow  Joshua Taylor Julia Harrison Julian Evans Julie Gould Julie Pond Julie Quinn Juris Matulis Justin Lane Justin Renehan Justine Moorman Justin Sordello Jusuf Benyamin Kane Tregenda  Karam Rahee Karam Raheem  Karen Karen Batt Karen Ryan Karina Currington Karl Tschugguel Karyn Harris Kat Hardy Kate Conway Kate Mitchell Kath Cozens Kathryn Challen Katrina Devery Katrina Hawkins Kemi Dunmore Ken And Linda Mcalpine And Gale Ken Lucas Ken Purdham Kenneth Dobson Kenneth Hall Kerry Forbes Kerryl Stiles Kevyn O'Sullivan Kevin Kevin Armstrong Kevin Ball Kevin McErlain Kevin Nunn Kieran Grigg Kieran Murphy  Kieran Taig Kristen Lappan Kristen Rogers Kurt Liffman Kyal Mcneil Kylie Montgomery L D J Grosveld L Martin  Lachlan Barnard Lachlan Williams Laura Birch Laurie Walsh Leesa Hein Leigh Hancock Leigh Hughes Leigh Rosolin Leigh Wilson Len Groth Leo Mellier Leonard Cox Leonard Smith Les Larkin Les Roll Lesley Benham Liam Bourke Liam Hollingworth-Hughes Liam Mansbridge Lin Esders Lincoln Wilson Linda Barclay-Hales Linda Bennett Lisa Chester Lisa W LIZ HOWLETT Ljubisa Mihaljcic Lloyd Williams Louis Gardiner Louis Thatcher  Louise Crawford Lu Xu Lucinda Weber Lucy Weber Luke Buttigieg Luke Cachia Luke Ellis Luke Hilakari Luke O'Reilly Luke Savic Luke Walsh Luke Walters Lynette Amaterstein Lynne And Christine Pettall M D O'neill M G Kelly M J Lockington M J Stepniak M Power Maddy O'Brien Mahendra Kodak Malcolm Carr Malcolm Deans Malcolm Horwood Mandy Coulson MARC GASKETT Marcus Murphy Maree Yates Margaret Barnes Margaret Blakeney Margaret Ning Margaret Quirk MLA Maria Ireland Maria Vnuk Marian Gedye Marian Rumens Marianne Ehrhardt Marilyn Jervis Marilyn Kelly Marin Braskic Mark A Burn Mark Ashmore  Mark Baldi Mark Christopher Mark Coverley Mark Darlow Mark Fisher Mark Gascoigne Mark Giles Mark Grech Mark Guest Mark Johnston Mark Kolcze Mark Pearce Mark Perryman Mark Romano Mark Salib Mark Slate Mark Starkey Mark Stubbs Mark Thorp Mark Turcarelli Mark Tyrer Mark Vreeken Martin Elliott Martin Richardson Mary Davie Mary Oconnell Mary-Ann Lovejoy Maryann Smith Maryanne Crawford Masen Delic Mat Jackaman Mathew Cake Mathew Chuk Matias Rivera  Matt Boyd Matt Carley Matt Kunkle Matt O'Keefe Matt Otrakdjian Matt Potts Matt Shelley Matt Wolfe Matthew Matthew Bourke Matthew Hosking Matthew Johnston Matthew Manning Matthew Myles Matthew Pepperell Matthew Reiffel Matthew Tawadros Matthew Walker Maureen Hill Maureen Simpson Mauricio Martinez Max Crane Max Robinson Meaghan Flack Leave Ramsay Megan Murphy Megan Nestorovsk Melanie Williams Melissa Slee Meredyth Woodward Merv Dale Michael Borgas Michael Brown Michael Butterworth Michael Camilleri Michael Carter Michael Cockram  Michael Cullen Michael Dawe Michael Eastment Michael Hatwell Michael Johnstone Michael Karamico Michael Larkin Michael Larkins Michael Patterso Michael Ricardo Michael Rohan Michael Semmler Michael Seymour Michael Slater Michael Strachan Michael T Michael Tirchett Michael White Michael Worn Michael Zangmeister Michelle Baldini Michelle Sheehy Mick Banks Mick Green Mick O'Brien Mick Purcell Mike Griffin Mike Heath Mike Pascoe Milan Horvat Minh Hoang Miroslaw Stepniak Mitchell Donovan Mitchell Legge Mr Bryan Samson  Mr Henry Edward  Murray Duthie Murray Kennedy Nadine Flood Narelle Harris Nathan Jenkins Neal Dougherty  Neale Kneipp Neil Birchall Neil Carter Neil Daniel Ryan Neil Green Neil Hopkins Neil Mccomiskie Neil Oxlade Neil Timms Nelson Araya Nicholaos Lykopo Nicholas Cleary  Nicholas Gubic Nicholas Nowell Nick Bartrop Nick Brooke Nick Davis Nick Dixon-Wilmshurst Nick Foti Nick Hodgson Nick Lykopoulos Nigel Daley Nigel Artz Nigel Lewis Noel Pulleine Noel Willis Norman Carter Olivia Fitzsimmons OPALESHWAR CHERUPALLI Pat Clive Pat Francis Pat Tutton Patricia Gurry Patricia Niklas Patrick Bruce Patrick Kerr Patrick Leyland Patrick Nolan Patrick Slavin Paul Barry Paul Brown Paul Bunyan Paul Collins Paul Cotter Paul De Bruyn  Paul Evans Paul Flood Paul Harman Paul Harrison Paul Lucignani Paul Mackay Paul Mangan Paul Maybury Paul Mckenzie Paul McFadzean Paul Newling Paul O'Brien Paul Oneill Paul Rawlins Paul Reiner Paul Rickard Paul Robson Paul Russell  Paul Thompson Paul Sutton Paul Wackett Paul Watson Paul Wilkinson Pedro Enciondo Penny Gilmour Pereira Benja  Perry Apted Perry Gibson Peter Audino Peter Bon Peter Briggs Peter Brown Peter Coghlan Peter Colley Peter Cromer Peter Dalton Peter Enge Peter Hannan Peter Harkness Peter Hudson Peter Kell Peter Kiem Peter Marshall Peter Medina Peter Moore Peter Moylan Peter Murphy Peter O'Connor Peter Smith Peter Sturesteps Peter Troy Peter Willis Peter/ Lisa Medina Phil Boyle Phil Drew Phil Tremul Philip Clark Philip Griffiths Philip West Philipp Kouzoubov Phill Ball Phillip Burnham Phillip Gamble Phillip Walker Piergiorgio Moro Pip Carew Pleasant Janes Quin Priscilla R Parker Rachael Hopwood Raja Junankar Randall Lee Ravi Kattu Ray Paulley Ray Skipper Ray Wilson Raymond Ansell Raymond Croswell Raymond Cummins Raymond Heller Raymond Jones Raymond Noel Jones Rebecca Campbell Rebecca Harris Rebecca Mcmahon Reece WILLCOX Regan Palin Remi Armstrong Reo Majstorovic Rhiannon Davis Rhonda Small Rhydian Crook Rhys Douglas Rick Bonnici Rick Winkworth Ricky Fandrich Ricky LUKE Ricky White Rob Binnie Rob Brigden Rob Shield Robbie Maclean Robert Niezgodk Robert Alexander Robert Binning Robert Bona Robert Clancy Robert Corr Robert D Rogers Robert Fry Robert Jenkins Robert Niezgodk  Robert Niezgodka Robert Pollard Robert Sheather Robert Stefulj Robert Szatkowski Robert Walker Robyn Fortescue Rod Knowles  Rod Reeves Rod Williams Rodger Smith Rodney Bechaz RODNEY GROVES Rodney Mcgrath Roger Grealy Roland Aspviken Ron Osborn Rory Fletcher Rory Fletcher  Rory McCourt Rory Mckeever Rory Ryan Rosemary Hansen Rosemary Lynch Rosemary Walters Rosie Ryan Rosie Wagstaff Ross Boyd Ross Dillon Ross Gordon Ross Greenshields Ross Hodges Ross Humphreys Ross Schimke Rowan Johnstone Roy Thompson Royal Fleming Russell Corcut Russell Pearson Russell Stainer Russell Stooke  Ruth Barton Ryan Hogg Ryan Tipping Ryan Veal Saalik Reynolds Sally Thompson Salvatore Cunsolo Sam Buttigieg Sam Maota Sam Presti Sam Rogers Sam Sinni Sam Skountzis Sam Townsend Sam Treeby Sam Wheeler Samantha Burek Sambath Kumar Samuel Ewing Sapphire Parsons Sara Gann Sarah Gregson Sarah Grima Sarah Parr Scott Carruthers Scott Clark Scott Csanyi Scott De Jong Scott Donaldson Scott Forbister Scott Hansen Scott Martin Scott Nickels Scott Oswald Scott Plymin Scott Valmadre Scott Wilson Sean Morgan Selamat Ayat Selcuk Budak Senal Peiris Serge Verhoeven Shane Abarca Shane Anderson Shane Cobbin Shane Cooper
Shane Hayes Shane Kennedy Shane Martinac Shane Mills Shane Mitchell Shane Oliver Shane Pilkington Shane Williams Shannon Csrundwel Shannon Crundwell Sharon Ozinga Shaun Unthank Sheriden Tate Shua Garfield Simon Cocker Simon Collard Simon Crisp Simon Loveless Simon Maconochie Sindhi Daly Spanner Spiro Vagias Stacy Riches Stan Matthews Stefan Young Stephanie Fisk Stephen Barr Stephen Jolly Stephen Lance Stephen Moore Stephen Salerno Stephen Watson Stephen Willett Steve Ahern Steve Boden Steve Dodd Steve Flanagan Steve Gooding Steve McKenzie Steve Molloy Steve Murray Steve O'Neill Steven Baldi Strawbs Stu Robson Stuart Cairns Sue Henkel Sue RILEY Susan Armer Susan Fletcher Susan Hehir-Carr Susan Peterson Susan Price Susan Turner Susana Pizarro Susanne Provis Suzanne Giddins Tegan Cone Terry Kaczerepa Terry King Terry Lewis Thanh Bui Theresa Grima Thomas Vaughan-Reid Tim Gibbs Tim Laurence Tim Petterson Tim Rogers Tim Ruskin Tim Smithall Tim Zener Timothy Clinch Timothy Murphy Timothy O'Meara Tom Gallen Tom Kowalczyk Tom Martin Tom Millwood Tom Mullinar Tom Stewart Tomislav Jakicic Tonia Galvin Tony Boyle Tony Gerber Tony Goreski Tony Grant Tony McMahon Tony Munday Tony Smullen Toss Battle Tracey Davis Tracey Heimberger Tracey Wilson Tracey Wing Travis Clarke Travis Clint Travis Gilbert Trevor Ockenden Tristan Howes  Tyron J Loft Tyron Loft Tyson Taifer Ugly V H Heaton-Harri Val Butler Valerie Foster Van Badham Vance Colson Velko Mlakar Victor Moore Victoria Zurek Vincent Zaniewski Viraj Dissanayake Vlad Nikolic W.Bauman  Walter Dixon Warren Adams Warren Kelly Warren Millar Warwick Burns Wayne Barker Wayne Fitzgerald Wayne Grant Wayne Harris Wayne McKinnon Wayne Waywood Wendy Crouch Wendy Garthon Wendy Mence Will Froth Willem Naber William Bailey William Daly Wilma Hills Zac Radchenko Zak Davies Aaron Campbell Aaron Pike Adam Cunard Adam Irwin Adam Moore Adam Phillips Adam Schwegler Adrian Kempster Adrian Sheerin Alan Flanagan Alan Fox Alex Michaelides Ali Khodr Andrew Carlton Andrew Del Romano Andrew Flower Anthony Corlass Anthony Crothers Anthony Nachtigal Arthur Gillard Ashley Brealey Barry Noble Benjamin Finlay Benjamin Mclean Benjamin Pereira Bradley Hein Bradley Portelli Bradley Smith Brendan Greenwood Brett Alexander Brett Buckwell Brett Fischer Brian Bowkett Brian Dimsey Bruce Turnbull Calvin D'Monte Carl Zacher Charles Dickers Christopher Griffith Christopher Healy Christopher Hutcheson Christopher Lee Christopher Patterson Clint Bell Clint Jane Corey Rawlings Craig Brown Craig Newton Dale Mack Damien Coppinger Damien Scott Dane Coleman Daniel Johnston Daniel O'Shea Daniel Ryan Daniele Mosticone Darren Arch Darren Buttigieg Darren Razlog Daryl Sandford David Mc Kinnon David Murray David Poulter David Roberts David Seear David Thompson Dean Tyson Deane Rule Derek Shorten Derik Wyntjes Dillon Sharp Eamonn Stafford Edward Ireson Emmet Keenan Eugene Kear Fergus Coates Finlay Sinclair Gary Bitton Giuseppe Muccio Glenn Hill Glenn Mattei Glenn Woods Gordon Campbell Graham Cross Grant Palmer Hamish Black Heath Binion Ian Bloomfield Ian Campbell Jack Hudson Jackson Sharpe Jaimee Carullo James Fisher James Pannell James Ryan James Webster Jamie Baker Jamie Purcell Jarrod Smith Jeffrey Wray Jesse Fraraccio Jesse Linkins Jim Kontogeorgis Joel Langstaff John Warren Joseph Perrone Joseph Walker Joshua Chandley Joshua Prosser Justin Kaulfuss Justin Murphy Justin Russo Kevin Yates Kim Littras Kristoffer Leahy Kyrin Lambrinakos Lachlan Mullins Lee Convy Leigh Grosveld Mansour Helou Mark Barwick Mark Bevan Mark Burn Mark Vella Martin Freiverts Martyn Petraitis Matt Commerford Matthew Adams Matthew Aitken Matthew Beck Matthew Fisher Matthew Larkin Matthew Rizzo Maurice Mastroianni Michael Karamicov Michael Lockington Michael McGrath Michael O'Brien Michael Thatcher Nicholas Bartrop Nicholas Cleary Nick Gilbert Nick Propadalo Nigel Braithwaite Noe Capati Padraig Gallagher Patrick McKee-Sloan Patrick Tutton Paul De Bruyn Paul Muir Paul Russell Paul Waistell Peter Archer Peter Blyth Peter Culhane Peter Ing Peter Landouris Peter Todeschini Phiran Ung Reece Diery Rhys Wehr Rhys Whelan Richard Scicluna Rob Dimitriadis Robert Ferguson Robert Houlihan Robert Nestorovski Robert Rogers Robin Hehir Rodney Parker Russell Stooke Ryan Stirling Sam David Scott Galbraith Shaun McKay Shaun Toomey Simon Murnane Stephen Crawford Stephen Fraser Stephen Gooding Steven Albert Steven Moran Thomas Millwood Tim Murphy Tim O'Meara Timothy Hauke Timothy Hubeek Tony Falduto Trent Brook Trevor Wiseman Tristan Smith Vasili Tyris Vincent Heaton-Harris Wayne Bauman Wayne Blume Wayne Mc Kinnon

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