Abbott's Building Code

The Coalition’s proposed new Building Code strikes at the heart of the Australian way of life, undermining the fair go and basic human rights. 

The Code’s impact on working hours, job security, incomes and living standards, injuries and fatalities, opportunities for apprentices and older workers will devastate family life and our communities. 

The Code represents the most extreme intervention into the conduct of private business ever seen in Australia and threatens crippling penalties on lawfully operating companies. 

The Government says the Code is required to lift productivity in the construction industry. Yet the facts show that labour efficiency exceeds most other industries. In reality the Code will undermine productivity. 

Help stop this ideological attack on more than 1 million hard-working Australians.

Download Fact Sheets about Tony Abbott's Building Code

Productivity in the Construction Industry

Much of the justification for the Building Code is based on the claim that there is a productivity problem in the construction industry. Yet a report by the Australia Institute reveals that productivity has never been higher in the industry and that there has been a large shift in incomes towards profits and away from labour. 

Download the Australia Institute report Productivity in the Construction Industry

Television advertisements

To ensure our message reaches Senators in the lead up to the Senate vote on the Building Code we will be delivering them all a copy of our video and running TV advertising in Canberra and on Sky News as Parliament resumes.